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Nickie Vogt

Nickie Ann Vogt

Nickie Vogt is the 2012 recipient of the Sandra Brown Excellency in Literary Fiction Scholarship. She is an English major and Film minor from La Feria, Texas. Nickie is a dedicated writer who wrote her first novel at 16. She will receive her degree from TCU in May 2014, after which she plans to pursue a career in writing. She has also been inspired to pursue a career in university advancement, hoping to provide scholarships to other students, like the Browns provided for her.

Nickie's Story

When you tell people you want to be a writer when you grow up, they roll their eyes and dismiss the notion you could ever accomplish that. When you back up your dream of being a writer with having been awarded something like the Sandra Brown ELF scholarship, people take you seriously. That’s the first big thing the Browns gave me — confidence in my ability as a writer. With this confidence, I began taking my writing more seriously and now becoming a professional writer doesn’t seem like a pipedream.

Another thing the Browns gave me was financial security. Only months before receiving the scholarship, continuing my time and education at TCU seemed like a question mark. I didn’t know if I could afford it anymore, if I was willing to take out another loan. Due to the Browns’ generosity, I was able to stay at my dream school and keep receiving a world-class education. TCU is the place where I have made my best friends, created memories and developed my writing style. I can never thank the Browns enough for allowing me to continue at TCU.

When I walk across the stage to receive my diploma, I will be thanking Sandra and Michael Brown as much as I thank my own parents. It’s not often that two people support, encourage and enable your dreams quite like the Browns have done for me. I know that whenever the day comes for my first book to be published, the book will be dedicated in thanks to them.